September Celebrations

Things have been going really good lately, the start of the new school year has brought new people and big opportunities into my life. I felt the need to celebrate AND just as I thought life couldn't get any better,  a total hottie asked me on a date!

We went to an Indian restaurant called Thandi's, located in the downtown area of Saint John. I tried lamb meat for the first time and washed it down with a $17 glass of wine which I had ordered accidentally... oops! I don't really have a well refined palate, I just know that I like red wine better and when the waitress came I blurted out the first type of red wine that came to mind. Turns out it was the most expensive one. LOL

After our bellies were filled with delicious curry, we decided to continue drinking. We hopped around a few different bars. I've only been to Saint John a couple of times and to experience downtown night life for the first time was super fun - especially with the best company. We ended up at a small pub on a steep hill. I don't remember the name of the place but I remember almost doing a face plant trying to walk down the hill in my heels! Once we sat down inside, the night was just getting started. A Grand Marnier on the rocks for him. More red wine for me :) ... and the rest is history!!

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