Instagram is Life

Hello, my name is Hillary and I am addicted to Instagram. My last post was 34 minutes ago and it has 28 likes already. I’m still not sure if I should of went with Valencia or Nashville for the filter which has caused a small amount of anxiety. 
Because of my addiction, I have started drinking morning lattes just to get that perfect ‘Gram post, showing off my love for caffeine and skill as an ex-barista. Then, I upped my own game by ditching my mismatched mug set, replacing them with an all white set for a more minimalistic vibe and a better aesthetic appeal. These changes in my daily routine isn’t the most concerning part. I realized I might have a problem when I rearranged the entire table setting and the delicious dinner my boyfriend had made just to get the perfect Flatlay. There’s no denying it - Instagram has taken over my life. 

To others, it is just another form of social media, but to me, it is a mini photo album chalked full of dedication, hard work, and memories I can whip out at anytime. When the photos are placed into a grid creating the perfect colour palate, I know for a fact I did indeed choose the right filter.

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