12 Reasons Why Being On Crutches DOESN'T Suck

I recently have gotten surgery on my knee, putting me in crutches for at least a month. Pre- surgery, everyone kept saying “Thats going to suck”, “you live on the 4th floor, how are you going to manage?!” … and so on. I hate dwelling on the negative so I decided to come up with a list of reasons why hobbling around on crutches isn't too bad after all. 

1.People praise you for doing the simplest tasks. “You put your own socks on? Great job, Hills!”

2. Working on your upper body strength without going to the gym.

3. You can go to bed early on a Friday night and nobody questions it

4. You can literally “kick back and relax” without moving for hours

5. Catching up on books you have been dying to read

6. Doing some major Pinterest’ing

7. You gain a new appreciation for your legs/knees

8. Breakfast in bed (Thanks mom)

9. The pets spend more time cuddling you while everyone else is at work


11. Spending less on gas money because it’s uncomfortable/painful to drive 

12. Having the time to update your blog :)

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