Fresh Air Does Wonders

Last week I re-injured my knee that I had surgery on a few months ago and was put on crutches for a couple of weeks. As I laid on the couch and grew tired of watching Netflix, I started to think of my family and how much easier it was the last time I was on crutches when I stayed at my parents and they spoiled me rotten. 

To be honest, being on a working holiday isn't all roses and sunshine all the time. 
Its goodbyes, its getting blisters from being lost, its difficult language barriers…you name it. Sometimes it’s just having too much alone time and overthinking everything. I realized that I’m WAY too social to be R.I.C.E’ing my knee all alone in my apartment. 

I popped some anti-inflammatories, threw on a compression band and was off on my next adventure. 

I’m not limping, I just have major swag

I took an hour long train ride into Mandurah where I met up with a lad who also enjoys photography. He toured me around the scenic little beach town and then we hit the road to Lake Clifton located in Yalgorup National Park to do some landscape photography.

Landscape photography is Phillips favourite and you should check him out on Facebook here:

and Instagram here: 

Sometime during our conversation it was discovered that I’ve never had a proper meat pie or lamington during my time here in Australia. So off we went to the nearest bakery!

We left Lake Clifton and headed to Pinjarra, stopping to take pictures of cows, alpacas and asses on the way. 

We snarfed down a couple meat pies (much better than the ones you buy frozen in Canada, like, times a million) and took our lamingtons to go hoping to get back to the Lake to catch the sunset. Helloooooo bomb ass landscape shots!

 Turns out it was too cloudy/ rainy and there wasn't really a sunset, and also I was too busy chowing down on dessert to even take pictures. It was the most delicious 5 seconds in my life. 
I hoover vacuumed that lamington, It’s probably my new favourite treat. (Sorry, Tim Tams).

After all of that limping around, Phillip and I decided we needed a beer. We headed to Lake Clifton Tavern and watched a football game. The fries were delicious and the people were so friendly, I was even offered a job! 

It was a great end to a great day. Getting out into the fresh country side air was so good for the soul and has gotten me out of my creative rut. It’s so nice to be able to bounce ideas off of like minded people. Collaborating > competing. 

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Change of Plans

So a little update on my job…

In my last post I was like “AW YEA BOY PHOTOGRAPHY IS THE SHIT”. While I still think it’s the shit, I decided not to go with that job. 
I don’t have the money to pay a studio fee right now and I didn't really feel like editing someone else's photos. Instead, I started working at a little cafe in the CBD of Perth during the day and a bar during the night. 

The cafe is called Beansprout and it’s the cutest! It’s very relaxed and I get to wear all black - my fav colour to wear. Sneakers, leggings, T-shirt and an apron. It couldn’t possibly get more chill than that. 

My second job is the opposite: hair done, nails done, everything did (thanks Drake). It’s at a karaoke bar where I’m a hostess/ bottle service chick. I basically pour drinks, dance, attempt karaoke (LOL) and basically keep people drunk and entertained. Turns out I’m hella good at it too. I absolutely love dressing up and looking bomb AF - plus who doesn’t love free drinks all night?  I literally get paid to party. Everybody should do this job. 

A little update on my love life…


Lets just say my “Catch flights not feelings 2017” motto lasted about 3 weeks. Thank u Tinder.

I’ve since changed it to “Catch flights AND feelings 2017”
Because why not have both? Life’s too short. 

His name is Jordan and he’s cool beans. If you’re snoopy AF and want to see what this hot tamale looks like, check out his Instagram here:

Update on my adventures…..

The Fremantle market is hella cool, it’s very large with a lot of unique booths. My new friend Elisabeth and I went there for the day. We explored the market,grabbed a bite to eat and ended up drinking at the Aviary (Located in the City of Perth) for Happy Hour. It was the second time we were there for happy hour drink specials and we both think we should make it a regular thing! It's always a good time at the Aviary. 

My friend Anna and I rented the most picture perfect Air BnB for a photoshoot. It didn't have an oven so we were forced to cook a frozen pizza in the microwave and then in a frying pan. It was very interesting…. 

Update on my future plans...

I have none LOL.  I honestly believe the best plan is having no plan. Live everyday like it's your last and enjoy the moment.


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Doing Things

     Currently sitting at the cutest little cafe, downing a flat white and thinking about my past month in Perth. This week I learned that a regular coffee isn't a thing. Asking for a coffee is like going to Subway and asking for a sandwich. They will give you a funny look. They will also look confused when you call a $2 coin a Toonie. Thats not a thing either LOL.

So a bit about my month here so far….

     I started out working as an Au Pair but soon realized that I wanted to do something different, something more exciting. I moved into the city and took a week off to explore, drink, meet new people and just live it up in general. I really got a feel for the place and met some colourful characters.

     Last night at the bar I met someone else from New Brunswick, Canada. It was surprising and so cool to meet someone who lives just 30 minutes away back home!

     I’ve done a TON of walking around and exploring. I’m really loving it in the city centre. Although I’m further from the beaches, I'm closer to everything else - I think it’s a good compromise. 

     I’ve begun a job search and so far its going good. At first I was looking for ANY type of job but then I was like “Hillary, you spent so much time in university/college. You can do better than retail”. So here I am, booking photoshoots and heading to a job interview tomorrow for my very first BIG GIRL job in my own profession. I’m excited and nervous at the same time! 

     For a part of my interview I had to answer a few questions, the very first one being
“What does photography mean to you?”. After thinking about it for a minute, I realized photography is everything to me. It’s literally my dream job. Its what I really want to be when I grow up! I answered the question as followed:

     “By definition, Photography is the art/practice of taking and processing photographs. To me, photography is so much more. Photography is losing track of time in the darkroom, it’s the magical moment when you place the photograph into the fix and it comes to life before your eyes. It’s meeting new faces and having a new adventure everyday. It’s waking up and being excited about your job. Or not sleeping at all because you’re too excited about the photoshoot on the next day. Photography to me is a state of mind; it’s pure happiness.”


     Good things happen when you put your big girl panties on and just go for it.

I booked 3 photoshoots this week, in a country I’ve never been to before. Life is good.

Daycare somewhere just outside the city. I was actually lost, but this was so cute I had to take a picture.


Matisse Beach Club, Scarborough Beach

Somewhere in Fremantle

Somewhere in Northbridge

Happy Mothers Day!!


Leederville Train Station bridge. Was also lost when I took this pic.

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Settling In

I can't believe its almost been a week since I landed in Perth! Time really does fly by when you're having fun!

This week has been very interesting - moving  a new country and all.

Catch flights not feelings 2017

Bye mom and dad! One last Tim Hortons drink before I leave Canada.

My favourites:
The first few days in Australia I spent driving around with my host family getting a feel for the place. They took me to a few points of interest and gave me some pointers.

  • I really liked the Fremantle market and I plan on going back.
  •  Shopping on Hay st. / Murray st. - the two main pedestrian malls in Perth City. They have every store you can imagine, and so many unique places to eat! 

  • My host family invited me along to a BBQ with a few of their friends and I tried Pavlova for the first time. It's a meringue based dessert with fruit on the top and a crust on the bottom, yum!

  • I met up with a few other Au Pairs in Perth (Thanks, internet!). It was nice to meet likeminded people around the same age as me. We met at a bar called Ezra Pound in Northbridge. It's very hidden, but such a gem. The walkway to the entrance is a dark, sketchy alleyway but once you get in about 10 feet there's hanging lights illuminating the patio seating of the bar. The liquor selection is small but the atmosphere is hella cool.

  • The weather itself belongs on the "favourites" list for self explanatory reasons.
  • The beaches. (also self explanitory)
  • There's a cafe on every corner and the lattes are amazing!
  • My new favourite store: City Beach. It's heaven I swear. Everything they sell is #goals.  I went in for a hat and I came out 2 hours later with a bathing suit and a Pennyboard.
  • Public transportation is easy and straight forward.  
  • Getting up in the morning, the cool breeze and the fresh smell. I love waking up to the birds chirping (which sound totally different btw!) and the sun coming up. I've been a morning person for the last year or so but the change of scenery & vegetation that live here makes it so much more relaxing. 
  • Last but definitely not least: My au pair host family. So kind and accommodating! I really feel at home and the kids are great!

Cottesloe beach

Kings Park Lookout

Not my favourites:

  • The Jet lag was the worst! A 13 hour time difference takes a while to get used to, but I'm finally living in the right time zone #bless

  • A can of beer at the bar cost $13. Ouch.  

  • Vegemite. I don't even know how to describe it. I tried it 2 or 3 times now and it just gets worse haha. I'm glad I tried it just to say I did, but that shit nasty!!!!


Getting ready to go surfing as I'm writing this!
There's so much to do and so many places to explore! I'm still just as excited as I was on day 1.

Fremantle Ferris Wheel

My backyard

Hay st. Mall

Hay St. Mall

View of the West coast from Hale st.

City Beach

City Beach

City Beach

Rachel on the Ferris Wheel

Stella with her friends guinea pig

Nanny life!!

Random aunty on the beach who wanted me to take her picture, She was visiting her nephew who moved here from China 2 years ago. They both love it here as well :)


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