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Sweet '16

     In 2015, I made a list of goals that I wanted to accomplish. The only problem was, the list was made on a piece of paper that went MIA after the first week. 2016 was the second year in a row that I had wrote down everything I wanted to accomplish but this time I left it as a memo on my desktop screensaver where I could see it every day and BOY what a difference did it make.

     Everyday when I started up my laptop, I would see the things I wanted staring right back. 
I became motivated. I wanted these things to start happening SO badly. Over time, I checked things off the list one by one. 

     Looking back on my accomplishments over the year I am very proud of how far I have come, the changes I have made and the experiences I have lived through. Here’s a list of the things that have happened in 2016:

1. Completed 3rd year of my Bachelors Degree at UNB (4 years total)

2. Earned my Foundation Visual Arts Certificate at NBCCD

3. Was in my FIRST art gallery, “Fools Gold Ball”, located at UNB.
It was a great turnout with live local bands. I ended up selling 3 prints of my photographic work displayed at this show!

4. I attended a photography conference weekend in Moncton, N.B where I spent time doing workshops with Eric Boutilier Brown, Stephan Bulger, Johan Sorensen with lectures from many more notable people in the photography business. 

5. I spent a week in Southern Ontario (Paris, Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington, Brampton, Dundas…) with a pretty cool guy *More on that later…hehe*

6. Visited the worlds longest covered bridge in Hartland, N.B

7. Tried sushi for the first time

8. I used Air B&B for the first time and met some really cool people

9. I also jumped off a bridge for the first time!

10. I felt the healthiest I've ever been after eating vegan for 5 months. I went from 145 lbs to 105lbs just this year! I feel light, sexy and strong all in one. I feel amazing in my own skin! ... Although I will admit, I do miss my boobs from time to time. 

11. Was a photographer for Fredericton's Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, were I shot Classified from backstage instead of front stage! (I may or may not have sneaked in LOL). I can't wait until next year!

12. I created lots of content using alternative processes in the photography world - creating prints in the darkroom and a few cyanotypes. So much fun! Honestly, I HATED playing in the darkroom at first but its growing on me... I low-key kinda love it... kinda

13. On a separate trip, I spent a weekend in Toronto where I got a meaningful addition to my 6th tattoo. Thank you, Trevor Jessome at Adrenaline Tattoo, Downtown Toronto. Its my favourite tatty so far.

14. I went to a wedding in Niagara

15. I went on a tour boat exploring Niagara Falls

16. I started my final year of my Bachelors Degree

17. I was published for the first time in PHOTOED Magazine. My picture covers half a page!! The winter edition is in stores now. (Pictured below, Bottom Right of spread)

18. I kept all my grades above 80% - My lowest grade was an 85%. 

19. When you travel, you need to eat. I came across some great spots along the way, here is a list of my favourites!

Tide and Boar - Cafe located in Moncton

Tamp Coffee - Cafe Located in Burlington - BEST LATTE IN MY LIFE

(Pictured below)

Hibachi Grill - Moncton, N.B
REDS Wine Tavern - Bar/Eatery in Downtown Toronto
Shawn & Ed Brewery Co. - Brewery in Dundas

Stillwaters - Bar/ Restaurant in Paris, O.N.  - BEST VIEWS!!

Thanis - Indain resturant, Saint John, N.B
Thirsty Cactus - Bar/Pub in Dundas, Sangria came with a mini bottle of wine and it was delish!

Last but not least, In support of my hometown:
Wilson's Trailside Pub - Boiestown, N.B. - BEST PEOPLE

20. Just a couple days ago, I received an email saying I won a $1000 bursary from my college. What a way to end 2016!

Very excited to make new #GOALS for 2017! Time to get even more successful!

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