Four years ago, I would write down what I wanted to accomplish at the start of every week. I was an ambitious freshman at university with big dreams and high hopes.  Most of the lists have been thrown out or destroyed, but for some reason, one of them was stuck between the pages of an old university textbook. I was looking through the textbook to find a reference, but instead, I found myself amazed with what I had written and what I had accomplished over the last few years. 

     I began to feel very proud of myself. Although my career path had changed, the majority of things on the list had been achieved! It was a really good feeling and it inspired me to write a new list of goals and how to accomplish them. l think goal setting is important because it motivates you to work toward a vision. It helps organize your time and energy to create the life you want to live. Below is a list of my short term goals I want to complete within the next 2 years (or less)!


Receive Photography Diploma 2018

- One more year!!!

STUDY art history and psychology MORE
- To do this: Create Q Cards and study in free time, ACE those quizzes!

Create lots of content while having the resources in college
- To do this: Cyanotypes, film prints, paintings, photography… 

Graduate UNB with Applied Arts Degree 

- 2 more courses to go!

Gain support/ Build a brand through the use of Social Media
- To do this: Know your audience, consistency,  interesting content…

Read more

- To do this: Pick things that interest you: Feng Shui, Roman & Greek History, African American History, Psychology (particularly intrinsic motivation and emotion), Fashion, Photography, Poetry, News, Law of Attraction …ect. 

Do things “NOW” - NOT LATER

- the dishes, studying, laundry, the gym… ect.

Earn an income through artwork while in College

- Prints for sale on my website: Hillaryross.ca

Apply for business startup grants

Apply for scholarships

Reach out to interesting people, get inspired, collaborate

Spend wisely 

Me to me: do you really need that $4 coffee EVERYDAY??? 
Me to me again: …..yes

Travel more

- I want to go back to Toronto and get another tattoo by Trevor J at Adrenaline Tattoos. 
- I would also like to go back NYC this year
- I have also been looking at volunteering for a week in Lima, Peru
- I would like to work outside of Canada this summer

Stay between 100-105 lbs 
My BMI is 18.5 which is NORMAL FYI! This is a healthy weight for my size
Not to mention I FEEL GREAT

Dress for success, be more presentable. 
Because a hoodie with "Abercrombie & Fitch" across the tits just screams mature adult....

Drink 2L of water a day (at least)

Eat Healthier
- No processed junk, TONS of veggies and fruits, try to buy organic or local when you can

Workout at least once a week


Pictures from previous travels: Chinatown (Manhattan), NYC area, Cuba.

I'd like to learn as much as I can, time to study and hit up museums!


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