A friend of mine asked if I wanted to do something on the weekend. I replied with "sure".
He told me to bring my passport, I didn't ask questions.
He picked me up at my apartment with a tank full of gas and a couple of snacks for the drive.
We were headed to the United States of America!

Our first stop was at Tim Horton's  - because its not a Canadian road trip without stopping here at least once!

Bangor, Maine is about 3 hours away from Fredericton. We jumped on the Trans- Canada Highway and followed it to the US/ Canada border where it becomes Maine State Route 9. It's a simple, easy drive. 

I could smell the freedom

While stopped at a red light in Bangor, Nick notices the man in the vehicle behind us looked a lot like my older brother who also lives in Fredericton. It was!! I couldn't believe the chances of seeing my bro and his girlfriend 3 hours outside of our hometown, in another country. Neither of us knew the other sibling was in the USA. What a coincidence!
I guess great minds really do think alike, we must have twin telepathy or something - or maybe they stalked us who knows.

We drove to the West Market Square Historic District and waved at my bro and his gal as they took a different exit. 

The historic district was built in the mid 1800's. Victorian architecture everywhere - all brick everythanggg. We went for a walk around the cute little town and grabbed some almond milk lattes & croissants at West Market Square Artisan Coffeehouse. The espresso perked us both up and hit the spot, just what we needed!

The snack was good but we are gluttons and needed something more to fill our bellies. We decided to eat at the Olive Garden, because breadsticks. 

We joked that we drove 3h just to get a few breadsticks from the Olive Garden. Although I don't really think it was a joke...

I ordered Ravioli di Portabello and washed it down with a 9oz of Merlot. It was really good! 

After fulfilling our hunger needs, we set foot to the grocery store to get a couple brews to bring back to Canada since our liquor stores would be closed by the time we arrived home. It's amazing how Americans have liquor in the same store as groceries! God bless America. I think that's so convenient. Canada needs start doing that lol.

We actually spent more time in the grocery store than the mall, I wanted to shop here all day! Snacks are VERY important to me. People think I carry around big purses to hold my camera equipment but actually they're for holding  all of my fav snacks.  There's no better feeling than having some real tasty snacks! 

I shot more pictures on expired colour film throughout the day and I'm really excited to process it! 

10/10 would buy snacks in America again. 


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