Change of Plans

So a little update on my job…

In my last post I was like “AW YEA BOY PHOTOGRAPHY IS THE SHIT”. While I still think it’s the shit, I decided not to go with that job. 
I don’t have the money to pay a studio fee right now and I didn't really feel like editing someone else's photos. Instead, I started working at a little cafe in the CBD of Perth during the day and a bar during the night. 

The cafe is called Beansprout and it’s the cutest! It’s very relaxed and I get to wear all black - my fav colour to wear. Sneakers, leggings, T-shirt and an apron. It couldn’t possibly get more chill than that. 

My second job is the opposite: hair done, nails done, everything did (thanks Drake). It’s at a karaoke bar where I’m a hostess/ bottle service chick. I basically pour drinks, dance, attempt karaoke (LOL) and basically keep people drunk and entertained. Turns out I’m hella good at it too. I absolutely love dressing up and looking bomb AF - plus who doesn’t love free drinks all night?  I literally get paid to party. Everybody should do this job. 

A little update on my love life…


Lets just say my “Catch flights not feelings 2017” motto lasted about 3 weeks. Thank u Tinder.

I’ve since changed it to “Catch flights AND feelings 2017”
Because why not have both? Life’s too short. 

His name is Jordan and he’s cool beans. If you’re snoopy AF and want to see what this hot tamale looks like, check out his Instagram here:

Update on my adventures…..

The Fremantle market is hella cool, it’s very large with a lot of unique booths. My new friend Elisabeth and I went there for the day. We explored the market,grabbed a bite to eat and ended up drinking at the Aviary (Located in the City of Perth) for Happy Hour. It was the second time we were there for happy hour drink specials and we both think we should make it a regular thing! It's always a good time at the Aviary. 

My friend Anna and I rented the most picture perfect Air BnB for a photoshoot. It didn't have an oven so we were forced to cook a frozen pizza in the microwave and then in a frying pan. It was very interesting…. 

Update on my future plans...

I have none LOL.  I honestly believe the best plan is having no plan. Live everyday like it's your last and enjoy the moment.



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  1. WOW! Adventures galore! Glad you are well and happy and shooting! Go, HIllary!