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     Currently sitting at the cutest little cafe, downing a flat white and thinking about my past month in Perth. This week I learned that a regular coffee isn't a thing. Asking for a coffee is like going to Subway and asking for a sandwich. They will give you a funny look. They will also look confused when you call a $2 coin a Toonie. Thats not a thing either LOL.

So a bit about my month here so far….

     I started out working as an Au Pair but soon realized that I wanted to do something different, something more exciting. I moved into the city and took a week off to explore, drink, meet new people and just live it up in general. I really got a feel for the place and met some colourful characters.

     Last night at the bar I met someone else from New Brunswick, Canada. It was surprising and so cool to meet someone who lives just 30 minutes away back home!

     I’ve done a TON of walking around and exploring. I’m really loving it in the city centre. Although I’m further from the beaches, I'm closer to everything else - I think it’s a good compromise. 

     I’ve begun a job search and so far its going good. At first I was looking for ANY type of job but then I was like “Hillary, you spent so much time in university/college. You can do better than retail”. So here I am, booking photoshoots and heading to a job interview tomorrow for my very first BIG GIRL job in my own profession. I’m excited and nervous at the same time! 

     For a part of my interview I had to answer a few questions, the very first one being
“What does photography mean to you?”. After thinking about it for a minute, I realized photography is everything to me. It’s literally my dream job. Its what I really want to be when I grow up! I answered the question as followed:

     “By definition, Photography is the art/practice of taking and processing photographs. To me, photography is so much more. Photography is losing track of time in the darkroom, it’s the magical moment when you place the photograph into the fix and it comes to life before your eyes. It’s meeting new faces and having a new adventure everyday. It’s waking up and being excited about your job. Or not sleeping at all because you’re too excited about the photoshoot on the next day. Photography to me is a state of mind; it’s pure happiness.”


     Good things happen when you put your big girl panties on and just go for it.

I booked 3 photoshoots this week, in a country I’ve never been to before. Life is good.

Daycare somewhere just outside the city. I was actually lost, but this was so cute I had to take a picture.


Matisse Beach Club, Scarborough Beach

Somewhere in Fremantle

Somewhere in Northbridge

Happy Mothers Day!!


Leederville Train Station bridge. Was also lost when I took this pic.


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