Fresh Air Does Wonders

Last week I re-injured my knee that I had surgery on a few months ago and was put on crutches for a couple of weeks. As I laid on the couch and grew tired of watching Netflix, I started to think of my family and how much easier it was the last time I was on crutches when I stayed at my parents and they spoiled me rotten. 

To be honest, being on a working holiday isn't all roses and sunshine all the time. 
Its goodbyes, its getting blisters from being lost, its difficult language barriers…you name it. Sometimes it’s just having too much alone time and overthinking everything. I realized that I’m WAY too social to be R.I.C.E’ing my knee all alone in my apartment. 

I popped some anti-inflammatories, threw on a compression band and was off on my next adventure. 

I’m not limping, I just have major swag

I took an hour long train ride into Mandurah where I met up with a lad who also enjoys photography. He toured me around the scenic little beach town and then we hit the road to Lake Clifton located in Yalgorup National Park to do some landscape photography.

Landscape photography is Phillips favourite and you should check him out on Facebook here:

and Instagram here: 

Sometime during our conversation it was discovered that I’ve never had a proper meat pie or lamington during my time here in Australia. So off we went to the nearest bakery!

We left Lake Clifton and headed to Pinjarra, stopping to take pictures of cows, alpacas and asses on the way. 

We snarfed down a couple meat pies (much better than the ones you buy frozen in Canada, like, times a million) and took our lamingtons to go hoping to get back to the Lake to catch the sunset. Helloooooo bomb ass landscape shots!

 Turns out it was too cloudy/ rainy and there wasn't really a sunset, and also I was too busy chowing down on dessert to even take pictures. It was the most delicious 5 seconds in my life. 
I hoover vacuumed that lamington, It’s probably my new favourite treat. (Sorry, Tim Tams).

After all of that limping around, Phillip and I decided we needed a beer. We headed to Lake Clifton Tavern and watched a football game. The fries were delicious and the people were so friendly, I was even offered a job! 

It was a great end to a great day. Getting out into the fresh country side air was so good for the soul and has gotten me out of my creative rut. It’s so nice to be able to bounce ideas off of like minded people. Collaborating > competing. 

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