Bali, Baby

I spent 3 weeks in Bali. The weather was about 35 degrees celsius everyday- if not more. Humidity was crazy high. It rained once; a downpour for about 5 minutes. It was one of the best weeks of my life!

View from my first hotel

Peach bellini!!!

stray dog

mornings in paradise 

Deus Ex Machina

@ Deus

@ Deus

Seminyak Beach

2 for 1 happy hour - clearly very happy

Lick me till Ice Cream

2 for 1

hindu offering

Puri Saron Hotel

Scooter riding

outside Deus

Puri Saron

Scooter riding pt. 2

Puri Saron Breakfast View

Spilt milk

Seminyak tourist route

Route to beach bars/ resorts


My bfs bar.....

Windows wallpaper 1


windows wallpaper 3

pool bar


red outfit... my boobs split the top :(

annnddd you can see why lol

ok now I'm just showing off

if you got it... right???

Kupick gets a tattoo!!! 
I met Kupick on the airplane from Perth (AUS) to Bali. He studies to be a chef in Perth but visits home every now and then. I asked to borrow a pen to fill out my customs card and we created a friendship from there. He showed me all around Bali and introduced me to his family, friends and yummy street foods!

I am so happy I met him. Thank you Kupick, for showing me Bali outside of the tourist realm, and introducing me to your tattooing uncle. Hehe. (Sorry mom)

Seven and Nine Tattoo Shop - Canggu, Bali

Pain face

Feeling the pain a bit more.....

Eka working away

Happy Kupick

I picked his flash tattoo out!!! He let me do it!!!!


Street eats

Street eats pt.2

Food porn!

"I'm taking a picture of you but act normal"

Puri Saron pool bar

for the gram (@ Seven and Nine Tattoo Bali)

Poolside eats. $1.50 AUD

Corn in a shaded hut by the pool

Seminyak Beach

Beach beanbag chairs lining the shore

Rice terrace

Colourful beanbags

dinner at Champlug


Product photography ;)

A very yum chicken curry

Tire shop

Kite store

Someone took lots of time planting here... and I love it!

tough guy

colourful, tiny lunch shack in Seminyak

Pineapples at the bar

Trying to take pics after a few beers like....

x2. I believe I was trying to capture the colours?

Photos from the back of a scooter #1


I liked his shirt.

Waterfalls! Not sure the name of this place - but it was so perfect.

Wedges and beer anyone?!

Seminyak Beach

The colourful lunch shack, again.

@ The waterfall

Beach shack x3

Kid at the waterfall! He swam away when the 3 other little girls started swimming toward him and it was so cute!

Just before the falls.

a nest @ Bali Swing

weird girl doing weird girl stuff

Kupick being zen

Zen but smiling for the 'Gram

Chill Kupick


bali swing

I loved the rainbow under the waterfall. It was so beautiful - even with all the tourist. 

Bali Swing - what you don't see haha!

Kupick on the swing!! It's actually quite high 

he was scared

but he liked it

Kinda looks like the Miramichi river (New Brunswick) but not at all. 
... Same same but different...

Waterfall Swing ft. cellulite on my ass

traditional buffet style Balinese meal at Bali Swing
I had rice, veggies, tofu and tempeh. 

traditional building

waterfall swing pt 2 

Buffet meal at Bali Swing

waterfall swing. very scary, very unsafe. It was like 20 feet down once you started swinging and there was a big lizard below me. If I fell, I thought I was going to get eaten. Turns out those lizards don't like humans :)

Buffet again because who doesn't love food

My Facebook profile pic (Currently)

Loved her hat

Kupick being a scaredy cat

And he's flying!! 

Waterfall swing! No Fear!!! (but maybe a lil)

happy kupick

Waterfall shower! It felt so good. Turns out it felt good because my skin was actually burning and I didn't know it - so the water felt even more refreshing than normal

happy hillsy

Kupick - my favourite driver! haha. He totally powered through traffic like a boss!

passenger safety

happy sunburnt waterfall lovin

going REAL fast


Kupick being rad

Ubud (town centre)

My turn to be rad

Ubud vines. I tried to touch one as we drove through but they were just out of reach :(

What are traffic lanes?

Outside a temple in Ubud

My shirt matched the plants

I don't know this lady or her story; but I made one up for her. I love how she's smiling outside a photo studio. I've decided in my mind that she just had some rad pictures of her self taken and realized how beautiful she is. She is smiling at the world because it's hers now. 

Bali girl

The flora and fauna - minus the matching shirt.

People of Bali. Love the look on this child's face! Photos from the back of the scooter #2

Banana store. Photos from the back of a scooter #3

Walking along the side of a temple. A Lizard was on the ledge at face level. I caught him in my peripheral vision and he made me scream. Kupick laughed. Kupick never let it go, either. 

Bali traffic

Post shopping ride. Taken from the back of the scooter (Again)

Kupick on the trail #peace

Kupick's Wheels. Kupicks House.

His sister, who is traveling to Miami (USA) this year! I'm so excited for her, I've never been but hope to go someday. I can't wait to see pictures from her trip.

A free waffle... I love free things. Thank you Puri Saron!

The entrance to my villa. I booked for 4 nights, but only stayed one. It was a cheap villa located in Kuta. I didn't feel safe and ended up moving elsewhere. 

Uluwatu, Bali

Uluwatu, Bali

the trail!

It was very hot, and we didn't finish the walk haha

Trail, without humans

Monkey mohawks

No looking in eyes, watch your stuff, don't touch babies and watch your shit!

What I look like drunk eating - minus the huge balls

mommy and me

let today be the best day ever

snacks to share?

revenge porn for stealing my lens cap


Stairway, which was very hard to balance down

Trying to take a cute pic with a monkey but...

He didn't want a cute pic and I peed my pants a little when he hissed at me

Uluwatu beach, Bali

Monkey stealing my lens cap

We forgave each other for the revenge porn and stealing

Kupick at Uluwatu!

Beach pt3

monkey loves buns

Fancy pool party anyone?

@ABC Beach Club - stretching out after an hour long scooter ride.

Kupick at this cool cliffside bar!

Kupicks photography and me not paying attention as usual


Bar views @ Uluwatu

Smiling because beer @ABC Beach Club

Bintang Ad ;) @ Uluwatu

ABC Beach Club. I love the waiters outfits - if hipsters and surfers had a love child... it would be these guys.

ABC Beach Club loving

Uluwatu again, by Kupick

At ABC again, Kupick took my camera and played with it. Changing the shutter speed as the sun went down. Changing the settings. Just trying new things in general. I love learning and I love watching people learn. 

Another picture by Kupick @ ABC

Kynd community - a lovely, busy and yummy cafe in Canggu.

Surfer dude in Uluwatu


girl and dad at Uluwatu

Single Fin beach bar.

Uluwatu (horizontal instead of vertical)

How hot was it in Bali? I was sweating while SITTING at the bar.

back to the top (Single Fin @ the top)

Uluwatu surfer

Surfer trying out the big waves

Cliff bar

Vertical of Uluwatu beach

Hell's stairway ft. people who have good balance.

Kupick heading toward Single Fin

Beachside pool

Single Fin Bar. I don't know these people but it was a cool view looking over the ocean. 

Sunset under a tiki hut

Colourful skies and ocean water.

home warmth. Uluwatu

Morning coffee @ Puri Saron

Seven and Nine tattoo shop decor.

Sketchy villa but yum coffee. Wearing Sean's T Shirt and his boxers as shorts. 
I was scared and was really missing him. 
Sean did FIFO work. 4 weeks on and 1 off. 
He couldn't board the plane to Bali because his passport expired exactly 6 months from the day his flight was supposed to leave. Even with getting an express passport it would of been too late. Express takes 2 business days, and it was on a Friday evening. He wouldn't of gotten it until Tuesday, and he had a flight back to Perth on Thursday. He was back to work on Friday.

But on the humorous side, I carried a bag 1/2 full of his clothes around for 3 weeks. I literally took all his clothes. He had no shirts, shorts or briefs upon returning home - just work clothes and things that no longer fit. LOL. 

Am I? oh... what a shame if I stumbled in eh...

Make tattoo not war

Healthy breakfast at Loft Bali. I tried 3 different smoothie bowls, they were all OK - but the Green Juice was TO DIE FOR.

Seven and Nine Tattoo 

Bali Breakfast

Q: How many pictures of the same thing is possible?? A:  A Lot.


Seven and Nine... You may have seen this on my photography page already :)

Close up!

Kupick being cool!

Shortcut road in Canggu. I hate this road. So many cars/ scooters go off the edge here and end up in the rice paddy haha! I hated driving though here and hung on extra tight every time.

A selfie at my villa in Canggu. I stayed at Elements BnB. A cheap place in a prime location! Perfect for travellers/backpakers. I would definitely stay here again. 

Shortcut again.

Villa statue

Happy stranger. Taken from the back of the scooter.

Rice paddies, clothes lines, kites and temples.

Elements Villa BnB. Pool Area. 

Volks Wagon in the jungle.


Deus Ex Machina - Local art gallery

Typical bathroom selfie

My boyfriends phone wallpaper LOL
This was taken at Elements BnB

Happiest hour

Deus Bar.


Kupick taking pictures of happy hour sign while I take pictures of Kupick taking pictures.

Dues Ex Machine - custom motorcycles.

2 for 1/ Deus still


Deus Margaritas

getting happier as the hour passes.

Almond milk lattes are mint

Finally found a mozza stick tasting just like they do at Ponds on the Miramichi. 

Another breakfast from the Loft

Another green juice from the Loft

I had a lot of these lol

Seriously ... a lottttt

The Loft from above

The Loft from above, but zoomed to 50 mm

Custom Motorcycles at Deus

Deus motorcycles

Deus customs

Deus creates custom surf boards too.

Its a surf shop, cafe, clothing store, art gallery, custom motorcycle store, restaurant and bar all in one with live music and/or a DJ on any given day. Deus Ex Machina is amazing. 

Cafe/ Restaurant/ Bar 

On this particular day I ordered a dip plate and a peach bellini. 

Peach bellini! Yummmmm

The hiking trail

Trying to master the selfie. 

I'm clearly shameless. Whatever.

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