Travel: Breaker Bay

Sean and I were driving each other CRAZY last weekend and desperately needed to get out of the house. We bought a cheap bus ticket and rode to Seatoun. An hour later, we arrived at Breaker Bay.

Breaker Bay is nestled between stunning rock formations and is home to bunkers used during WW2.
The endless photography opportunities gained my interest while the hidden bunkers/ lookouts and pathways kept the attention of my history loving boyfriend. It was the best of both worlds. 

On the cliff top, the wind was so strong it nearly knocked me over! 

I asked Sean what the weather was going to be like, and without even looking he replied "sunshine".

It started to rain shortly after we got there, but it made the adventure even more exciting. All we could do is giggle. 

OBSESSED with this rock formation!

Such an amazing view! 

Breaker Bay is not one to miss.

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Tattoos in Bali: Do's and Don'ts

Earlier this year I went under the gun again (sorry mom) while on vacation in Indonesia. I've started this thing where I get a new tattoo for every country I visit. Bali is great because there is SO many shops (good and bad) for cheaper prices than you would normally find in any other place. I copped a lot of shit from those who have never been, or have never gotten a tattoo in Bali before. Just like any other tattoo shop, there is precautions to take.

DO: No matter where you are in the world, when you get ink done, HYGENE is always #1. Always make sure they use a new needle between customers - I cannot stress that enough. Observe and make sure the tattooing area is clean and sanitised.

DONT: Go to an artist that uses needles more than once. Even if they "sterilise" the needle afterwords, it's extremely dangerous and can result in hepatitis and HIV.

DO: Scope the place out. Have you ever heard the saying 'Your vibe attracts your tribe'? Well, the parlours vibe attracts me. I personally prefer places that put effort in to their decor. It tells me they take pride in their business and want to create their own unique "look" instead of blending in. 

DONT: Settle for a place that you're unsure about. Cleanliness is key. 

DO: Cover the tat up while in traffic, especially on a scooter. There's some ash and dust in the air which can get into your tat and cause an infection if you're not careful. If you're going on a long haul, cover the tattoo up to the best of your ability. Keep it clean. 

DO: Speaking of having a unique look, If you already KNOW what you want to get, go to someone who specialises in those types of tattoos (Traditional, watercolour, tribal... ect).

I LOVE dainty line work. Eka at Seven & Nine tattoo shop in Canggu, Bali, did a flash pizza slice on my arm and I'm in love with it. I didn't know what I wanted - but I fell in love with his work instantly.  

DO: Listen when the artist tells you about the after care of new ink. Bali can be difficult to find the proper products, if the shop has tattoo cream - BUY SOME. It will save you from looking all around town, just to go back to the shop and buy it. 

DONT: Go swimming for 2 weeks. Salt water, fresh water or a pool - it doesn't matter. It can fade your new ink or possibly lead to an infection. I thought I was leaving Bali sooner than I did, but I loved it there so much I stayed longer. Let me tell you - the days were HOT and I really just wanted to go for a dip. 

If you get a tattoo in Bali, get it near the end of your trip so you can enjoy the sun and water without worry. I ended up just sitting on the steps going into the pool haha. I felt like such a weirdo. 

DO: Judge people. I know you're not supposed to, but when it comes to the person who is permanently marking you, you probably should. I've walked into a tattoo parlour before and walked directly out because his eyes were glassed over. Which brings me to my next DONT.

DONT: Get a tattoo by an intoxicated person. I have friends who let their other friends do silly stick and pokes while drunk - if its someone you know and you can have a laugh at it later, then by all means... but at a so-called 'business' in the middle of the day? No thanks.

At the end of the day, getting a tattoo in Bali is no different than getting one anywhere else. Use your common sense and say 'no' when you need to and 'yes' when you want to. 

Shout out to Eka at Sevenandnine tattoo located in Canngu. I love my pizza flash tat! 
I highly recommend this place for anybody thinking about getting a tat in Bali. 

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June in Wellington

I've been in Wellington for a few months now. Sean and I both had jobs right away, and we've been staying at a cozy little nook on Cuba St. Here are some pictures from the month of June.

For more images, follow my Instagram: @hillary.ross

Cool door required a pic.

Touring around the city

Waterfront, just after a feet of Mexican street eats.

My excitement was growing when I started seeing land mass in the ocean.

Islands from the airplane

Went through some images during this post and I came across this one. I once HATED it with a passion, but I like it the 2nd time around. 

street selfie

Taken from my flight in. 

@ the Featherson bar/ restaurant. The Sunday Roast for 2 cost $49 - It was AMAZING! and we had so much food. A full roast chicken, veggies and dessert. We struggled to get through it all. Totally worth it! 

save the bees

Cool wall, cool guy.

Picture one of two.

@ The Best Ugly Bagels . Sean had the breakfast bagel and I had smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers and dill. Compared to the bagels we get back home in Canada, they were a bit more hard. It was still amazing and they bake them right there in front of you. 



coffee break.

My heel was stuck in the dirt behind the fence. Trying to pose was a bad idea LOL.

The brightest most extra hat I could find

howdy cowboy

Hat store at the market. We had a bit too much fun here haha

Men doing man stuff

Sals *authentic* New York Style Pizza located on Cuba St. We've been here a couple of times 

It comes REALLY hot. Like, you can blow on it for 10 minutes straight and it would still burn your mouth. So we take pictures while we wait :-)

Who loves pizza??

This chick.

oh and him too.

Being extra while Sean plays around with camera settings. I LOVE that he just picks it up and plays with it - figuring it all out for himself. It's so cute to watch.

On this particular day I felt like Beyonce. My jacket was brand spankin new, I had massive shades and 3 inch leopard print boots on, smokey eye shadow and bright red lips!


Sean in thought

Mixing prints 

Breakfast at this Cafe. I forget the name of it but there's a sign in the window that says "Under new ownership". We were absolutely starving so we sat and ate here. Breakfast was average. Coffee was good. The best part was the bright red walls. Perfect photo op!

Casually enjoying my coffee in a diner, taking up all the spaces lol. #extra

Houndstooth and leopard print. Yes Please.

After breakfast we headed to the Wellington Cable Car. 

Cable car sides! I was amazed with how steep the cable car actually went. Such a unique experience.

Hello Wellington!

I spent like 5 minutes trying to see things through the lens before I realised the dumb thing needed coins

Cable car look out

At the Cable Car Lookout

History buff

This is how he naturally reads. I thought he was posing hahaha

I miss playing sports.

The view was incredible. There's a cafe at the very top and we stopped in for a Tea. 

After the cable car we wandered aimlessly around the botanic garden. It was a perfect Saturday morning.

Fancy jacket, nice sweater..... and bright red socks with dirty old vans. Yup lol.

Views from the botanical garden

SOOOOO much green

nature boy

Happy wife happy life. Same works for men.

bug bites.


I had a cold at the time. So it didn't smell like much. I am a fake. 

Sean's favourite shot he's taken.

Life is good.

Crazy tree in the botanical garden

Wake up.
Go to work.
Go home.
Go straight to hell.

I'm not actually that tall lol. Just heel obsessed.

Don't worry, I was going for the weird outfit/ grungy elevator look.

'Drunk pictures of Hillary' : a collection by Sean.

Here we go....

Messy wings after drinking are THE BEST

Need to get to this beach ASAP.

City of windy Welly

Views from Mt. Victoria

Left our place at 5:45 am to catch the sunrise at Mt. Victoria

hey babe u warm or something?

Mt. Victoria

Mt. Victoria mornings

Road to Mt. Vic. We took the hardest walking trail up because we didn't know there was a paved road lol

houses on the hill.

climbing Mt. Vic is a great idea until it's 5:45 am and you're hungover AF


Sweet Mothers Kitchen for breakfast - a delish meal that doesn't break the bank. Plus the tea comes in cute wool sweaters.

me admiring you


Saturday brunch is our tradition - this week was Fidels Cafe. Sean swears it was the best eggs benny he's ever had.

'adult coffee' 

Before coffee


after coffee

Fidels cafe. Sean's Favourite!

I ordered the Vegan Breakfast at Fidels and it did not disappoint. So. Much. Food.

Sean had an 'adult' coffee and I wanted some haha

shark attack do do dodododo

Shark Wall!!!

Wellington market! Every Sunday we save heaps on our weekly fruit and veg


Can someone tell me what this is? haha I love the texture but what is it???

My 2nd favourite green

Must of been some good veg...



Flowers remind me of my mom. I've been a bit more homesick since coming to New Zealand. I think it has something to do with the weather.

Her pants matched the flower buckets.

market man

Free range or not, eggs are gross lol

Dill and beets.

Fresh Vege! The colours go so beautifully together.

Post market man.

New hair new Sean.

I ripped this sweater on the road trip to New Plymouth and it broke my heart. 

Marina from Te Papa

Sunny light on Sean. The natural light in this kitchen is perf

I'm so happy Sean shares interest in photography with me. I love being able to show him new things.

Love/ hate with my fringe. I like how it looks but hate maintaining it

Portrait by Sean. 

Road Trip to New Plymouth! We rented our car from Omega rentals. It was a little Toyota and it was super cheap for the weekend. Next road trip we take, we are going with Omega rentals again. The service was outstanding and they let me pee in the staff washroom lol. 

Just before someone flipped Sean off for driving the speed limit. 

Reminds me of the picture I took in Australia last year of the beach sunset near Floreat (Perth)

Friday night lights

Not sure what Sean was taking a picture of, but I like it!

Friday after work road trip.

We spent our first night in New Plymouth in this hotel - we checked in at 11pm. The room was great! The sunrise came through the window of our room in the morning. The complementary coffee in the room was amazing and they even have a french press in every room to make it with. I would 10/10 recommend this place! 

He's a day dreamer this one. We can't wait to go back to this hotel.

Mt. Taranaki

Sean holds snow for the first time and nearly broke his hip on a sheet of ice hahah

Sean's first time in snow!

the Naki

going up the mountain.


Climbing Mt. Taranaki

Above the clouds!!

Another Saturday Brunch at Americanos. Hellllloooo filter coffee! It feels nice to be basic for once.

The fall colours in the trees reminded me of my home in New Brunswick.

Me n my friends in front of Mt. Taranaki.

City living. City loving. 

"move bitch get out the way"

Road trip!

We all know someone who looks like Wilbur.

Happy man

drinks turned into draaanks

cheers big ears

Lidos cafe, Lafarre beans.

Fitzroy Holiday Park in New Plymouth was perfect! Sean and I had a few drinks watching the sunset over the ocean, made a BBQ and ended up sleeping in the car hahah. It was the most perfect night. I wouldn't change it for the world!

Eat your Greens!!

Fitzroy Holiday Park beach sunset

Invasion of Privacy

Pt. 2 lol

Beach sunset

Its winter but all my warm clothes are in the wash. Laundry day shenanigans!

Featured on McDonalds New Zealand Instagram page haha

Mt. Taranaki in the clouds.

B&W of a swimming bird.

You are one in a million little duck

apple, avo, and coffee

Getting work done at Southern Cross Cafe. Great almond flat whites. I had the avo toast. Super good!

Southern Cross Cafe

When he not only buys, but pours your beer too. What a keeper.

Beer break!

Pineapple belongs on pizza!!!

Lower Hutt

This picture just cracks me up. Taken in Lower Hutt just outside of the shopping mall.


Girls just wanna have fun.

When Sean gets my camera....

Lower Hutt views. On our way back to the train station.

Thinking about them Big Macs

Country boy turning into a city slicker. 

All about angles.



A piece of the moon!!!!

27 nipples in this picture.... It's a selfie wall :)

Damn. Thats one fine piece of ass art

Artwork: Sean is the art. I am the work.

Party pooper.

From the Te Papa Museum 

My cool dude

Outside of the Te Papa Museum, the rooftop area is so pretty and peaceful. 

Looking at Burger King across the road like .. #Heybaby

@ Sean Reichard Photography

I <3 shoes, bags and boys. 

Old vs. new.

Seen in the CBD on the side wall for Westpac Bank. It's true. Exactly what I love about cities. 

New York minute but in Wellington

Selfie! my "natural but not really" makeup.

*~not posing~*

LOVE this wall. Want to come back and do more shots.

Skate Park

@ Mojo Coffee on the wharf


the Marina

Every person ever who sits near water

One of the ferries from North to South Island.

Thinking about life.

Sporting the Canadian Tuxedo!

Windy Welly

My new friend, Sean.

After I took his picture, I asked him if I could take his picture. 

Pretending not to see me.

"Why are you taking my picture?"

Treat yo self

I <3 these shoes and I HAD to post a pic of them. Not sorry.

Toques and crop tops. Why not?

This lady walking with so much swagger

Love this!!!

I loved the tights/ shoes mix. 

More pizza with pineapple. Just because. :)

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