Travel: Breaker Bay

Sean and I were driving each other CRAZY last weekend and desperately needed to get out of the house. We bought a cheap bus ticket and rode to Seatoun. An hour later, we arrived at Breaker Bay.

Breaker Bay is nestled between stunning rock formations and is home to bunkers used during WW2.
The endless photography opportunities gained my interest while the hidden bunkers/ lookouts and pathways kept the attention of my history loving boyfriend. It was the best of both worlds. 

On the cliff top, the wind was so strong it nearly knocked me over! 

I asked Sean what the weather was going to be like, and without even looking he replied "sunshine".

It started to rain shortly after we got there, but it made the adventure even more exciting. All we could do is giggle. 

OBSESSED with this rock formation!

Such an amazing view! 

Breaker Bay is not one to miss.


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