Finding Out

Finding out

 @ 5 weeks

In case you didn't already know, Sean and I are EXPECTING! Lil Mate is going to make his/her arrival on March 20th 2019. We couldn't be more excited!

We found out on July 2nd, a Monday morning at 6am - the date that changed our lives forever. 

The Friday night before, Sean and I went out on the town celebrating yet another work week finished. A tradition we’ve always had. Nothing feels better than getting AB-SO-LUTE-LY fucking trashed on a Friday night after a week of hard work… Or so I thought. On this particular Friday night I went a bit too hard. I didn't remember Sean walking me home or puking in the trash bin. Needless to say, I was a hurtin’ unit come Saturday morning. Sunday was a write-off as well, but sometimes you’re still tired the second day after (Welcome to your 20’s lol) so I didn't think anything of it. 

I love(d) anything with tequila.

Monday morning and I STILL felt like shit.  A 3 day hangover? Damn. I must be getting old.

My metabolism has deteriorated. My youth has left me. 

Just as I was thinking my party days are over, Sean piped up and asked
‘When was your last period?’

I had no sweet clue.  Maybe the 1st… maybe the 5th… could of been the 11th.
Every month was inconsistent. 

@ 6 weeks - Feeling bloated!

I had become a bit paranoid after Sean popped the question. I took a pregnancy test into the bathroom with me. I peed on the stick and I put the cover back on and while I was still peeing, I watched the double pink line appear - in BOLD! 

I thought to myself ‘nah thats not right. I’m supposed to let it sit for a few minutes. It’s probably a faulty test’. Clearly I was in denial. 

The second test also brought a positive result. I walked out of the bathroom and over to Sean who was getting dressed for work. 

@ 8 weeks

“Congratulations, you’re a daddy”

We gave each other a hug. 

Sean didn't say a single word. He looked like he just dropped a nugget in his pants. 

Instead, he picked up the test from the dresser and examined it, putting it back down only to pick it up again minutes later. He repeated this a few times.

No baby, you’re not dreaming. 

It's not going to change. 

He was quite speechless when he went to work. Some girls probably would of been angry at his lack of words but I thought it was quite cute. I was in shock too. All in all it was a quiet morning with lots of hugs and coy smiles.

@ 10 weeks I said goodbye to my jeans

@ 10 weeks - And I thought I was bloated at 6 weeks. How cute. 

I ended up taking the day off work. I bought a cute baby onesie out of excitement and Sean some alcohol to drink when he came home. He needed it after that news. 

In the evening when he came home he was a bit more talkative. 
“Holy shit. We’re having a baby” He exclaimed as soon as he walked in the door…
“I need a drink!”
@ 11 1/2 weeks

We spent the evening mulling over which country to raise the baby in, who to tell first, how I’m going to immigrate to Australia, all the places we’re going to travel to while the baby is still classed as a carry on, booking a doctors appointment - the necessary stuff.

7 weeks later, a lot of our conversations still revolve around the bundle of joy growing inside me. The bigger I get, the more exciting it is. 

Just last night I was cooking supper and Sean walks into the kitchen,
“Oh my god… its a baby now!” he says while rubbing my gunt. Clearly referring to my bloated, fat belly turning more round and solid. 

‘It’s a baby now’…. I wanted to slap him and kiss him at the same time. 

@ 11 1/2 weeks - belly is more round and hard!

I have a week to go until my second trimester. 
Shit’s getting REAL. 

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