Rural Survival Guide

This past month I've moved from a big city to a very rural town. It has been a HUGE lifestyle change and I'm still trying my best to adapt every day.

No more pizza delivery.
No coffee shops within a 65km radius. (Tim Hortons doesn't count, sorry... It's disgusting)
More mice. The cat kills them and places them by the door as a gift... Yuck.
No more stimulating career events on a regular basis (Networking) 
45 minute driving time for basic life necessities.
No more buying fresh produce from the market on a weekly basis.
No more $15 express manicures.
Contrasting urban vs rural mindset.
Forgot to pickup something from the store? thats too bad.
Having to "make do".
Fashion here is plaid flannel, hunters orange and camouflage. Kill me now.
Guns are no longer a cause for alarm.
No public transportation.

A lot of these sound silly, I know... but the struggle is real!

Fredericton is the next closest city populated with 60 thousand people. Although it's more of a small town than a city, the 45 minute drive into civilisation feels like a luxury vacation. The sweet feeling of being home is cast upon me. I've never loved grocery shopping so much in my life - it's the perfect getaway. 


I've created a survival kit for those like me who are also discovering the art of slow living  dying... 

City slicker guide to feel 'at home' while living rurally: 

1. Get yourself an espresso machine and quality beans for that cafe feel from home. This will require a trip into the city but totally worth it.

2. Get a furry friend so you wont be in total silence. The more animals the better. Especially noisy ones. You'll feel like you're in the middle of Times Square with a whole zoo packed inside your home. 

3. Close your eyes and pretend you're not there. 

4. Keep your mind busy by getting involved in a thrilling hobby. Knitting, doing crossword puzzles and watching The Price is Right are fan favourites in this neck of the woods. They're a bit TOO adventurous during these pregnancy days, so I like look out the window and contemplate my life. 

5. Show grandma your 'casual' boots. It'll make for great entertainment. Pair it with anything except camo or plaid for double the shock factor. 

6. Get a pie from your local bake sale. The country equivalent of 'takeout' - but way less Asian. 

7. If you SERIOUSLY need  prayers to get you through living rurally, dress in your Sunday best and head to church. Sit in the front row for the ultimate Jesus experience. I personally havn't done this for two reasons:

One:  Modest to me and modest in God's eyes are two VERY different things.

And Two: Im 5 months pregnant with no marriage plans. Rather not burn up in flames upon entry. Sorry Jesus, not today. 

Last but not least:
8. If all else fails, document your struggles in an online format (such as a blog) so everyone else can laugh at your problems.  

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