Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist

I'm currently pregnant with my first baby girl and I couldn't be more excited!
 It's definitely a learn-as-you-go process so I thought I would bring everyone along on the journey.

This month I've been looking up baby shower ideas and started making my baby registry - better late than never haha.

I chose to make mine on Amazon.com as it was super easy, includes multiple retailers for better options and gives the creator a discount once all set up :)

Click here to create your baby registry on Amazon!

When I first started making my registry I HAD NO SWEET CLUE what to include. So I made a list of all the baby things I would be needing and went from there.

My list was broken down into sections to cover all the basis...

- Car Seat & mirror
- Baby chest carrier
- Stroller
- Diaper bag

A few from my list:

- Crib, mattress, crib sheets
- Light & heavier blankets
- Baby monitor
- Night light/ sound machine
- Pyjamas

a few from my list:

- Bottles & nipples
- Bottle sanitiser/ cleaner
- Breast pump, nipple cream, nursing pillow
- Bibs
- Highchair/ Feeding chair
- Baby utensils and dishes

A few from my list:

- Baby tub
- Shampoo/ baby wash
- Washcloths & towels
- Grooming/ health kit (Nail clippers, combs...etc)

A few from my list:

- Diapers (duh)
- Diaper pail & liners
- Changing table/ pad
- Wipes, cream & powder

A few from my list:

- Onesies,  socks, hats, warm clothes to conquer the Canadian winter
- Pacifiers
- Play mat/ bouncer
- Teething toys

A few from my list:

I plan on breastfeeding and using disposable diapers - so my list could be different from other moms. Since I'll be immigrating to Australia when the baby is 4-5 months old, I opted for easily collapsable/ lightweight products to take on the airplane. I've included both big ticketed items and smaller priced items.

What did you include on your baby registry? Have I missed anything that you would recommend?
I'd love to hear your feed back.


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