Our Birth Plan

"So... did you make a birth plan yet?"


I didn't know how to answer, I looked around the room in confusion. I thought the whole process was pretty straight forward.

Turns out, there's a lot of particular things someone may prefer while giving birth.  Here are some of the examples I've found on Google:

- A diffuser with EXACTLY 3 drops lavender and 1.5 drops of clary Sage.
- No talking allowed in the birthing room.
- Save the placenta for eating
- No offering drugs
- Exactly 90 seconds before cord clamping. No more & no less.

It blew my mind how these other families planned out a VERY detailed birthing experience.

OK - I get it.  You want to be in control.

This isn't a dig at other mamas, I just know that things don't always go according to plan.

Sometimes you just need to sit in passenger seat of life and enjoy the ride.

(But if you still want to make a detailed plan, by all means, You do you!)

I know that I'm in control of my birthing experience. I say 'yes' when I want and 'no' when I don't.

It's such a normal and natural process that my body was designed for. I have everything it takes to birth my baby. And yes, of course it may get painful - but with each contraction I become closer to meeting our little one, HOW EXCITING IS THAT!!!

See, I don't care how my baby is born as long as she is safe.
So here is my "plan" for bringing Remi into the world, I've kept it short and sweet...

1. Go into labour
2. Push baby out of my cooch
3. Everybody celebrates

That's it! That's the full plan, Stan.

If complications arise - so be it. Things change, shit happens...
I trust my body & I trust that I am in good hands.

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