What I Learned Flying With A Baby

I took my 3 month old on her first plane ride!

We took off from New Brunswick and landed in Toronto - off to the Australian Consulate to apply for Remi's passport which has to be done in person. We made a weekend out of it; brunching, sightseeing, and touring the CN Tower. 
It was a pretty good time. 

Getting there went a lot smoother than expected, but here's what I learned while flying with my baby:

1. Diaper bags with bookbag straps are THE BEST for when you have to fold up the stoller and carry the baby onto the plane. My new bag (purse-like straps) literally hit every single person while hammer hipping down the isle LOL, I should of stuck with the bookbag.

2. Take out what you want to have during flight and put it in the pouch in front of you. It's SUPER hard to get items out of the overhead compartment while holding your little & bending over to get something out of your bag with a child on your lap is just a nightmare for us short arm folks.

3. Security will ask you to take your baby out of the stroller and carry her through the metal detector - prepare yourself before hand by unbuckling the baby and having their blanket/comfort item(s) packed in their bag. It saves holding the line up.

4. If you can, choose your seats. I had both an isle seat and a window seat (round trip) and I preferred the window seat for 2 reasons: 
1) A place to lean against/rest your arm when baby is sleeping and 
2) My baby loved looking out just as much as I did! Entertainment for all!
The isle seat was nice for getting up to use the restroom but it was much harder for Remi to relax during the flight with others walking by and the food cart rolling past. 
The very FRONT seats also have a bit more leg room, and the very BACK seats often have more storage space! (from previous flying experiences)

5. Although I was allowed a carry on AND a diaper bag, I only used a diaper bag and put my wallet/cell phone inside. Less bags, the better! 

6. Fly with another adult if you can!
and dont be afraid to accept/ask for help! (my biggest flaw 😅)

Thank u for coming to my Ted Talk

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